Continuous Training and Workshop

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We believe only a well trained and guided teacher can make the learning a life time’s experience. Therefore, the teachers’ development program is equally given importance in our school. In order to make sure that the teachers persistently help the children gain confidence, self-esteem and love of learning the experts of the NMTC conduct training and workshop on a regular basis.

All the teachers of Montessori Kinderworld branches have to attend a weekly mandatory training and workshops on Sundays. The weekly Sunday training and workshop provide opportunity to our teachers to learn from one another in big and small sharing sessions.

Teachers prepare all their teaching are more discussed in such workshops. The Director of NMTC Ms. Pawitra Limbu regularly conducts the Sunday training and feedback sessions to the teachers. She also gives directions; training in the methodology and approaches before presenting any new concept to the children so that teaching becomes effective. The Sunday meetings are not just enough for us. To address the bigger issues and to update teachers with new trend and practices in early childhood the NMTC conducts Teachers’ Retreat’ twice a year.

Teachers are equipped with all the contemporary skills and knowledge to work with young learners during such retreat. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to review the past achievements and set new teaching goals for forthcoming terms.