Children Friendly Teaching Method

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Our method is based on educational theories. As ‘the hands are the tools of men’s intelligence’ children are taught new concepts with concrete manipulative teaching materials. These concepts are presented to the children as a process to fit into the whole cycle of learning.

They have fun with languages phonics, reading and journal writing, they learn about basic math and science concepts, and they explore their creativity through drama, play and the creative arts. All our Montessori apparatus are imported. They are manufactured by the world leading educational material manufacturer.

Each day is filled with songs, games and other fun-filled activities. All the children learn about science, music and art through hands-on projects and theme based activities according to their age group. Monthly themes, weekly topics and daily activities keep the curriculum focused and fun.

Our projects in Nepal study, History, Geography, Botany, Zoology etc. are some of learning hands-on activities that many schools want to learn and introduce to their students. Each year the NMTC develops such new projects for the children of Montessori Kinderworld to meet the growing and changing demand of the world so that our children have all the required basic knowledge and skills to be successful in future.