Appropriate Curriculum

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Montessori Kinderworld is a group of rapidly growing pre-schools, which is open-minded, flexible and willing to grow. Montessori Kinderworld applies the developmentally appropriate integrated curriculum developed by the NMTC. Our unique curriculum offers a stimulating balance between learning and play.

The curriculum is constantly updated, revised and improved on a yearly basis. We believe that the curriculum should grow along with your child, teaching essential reading and writing, math, science and social skills in a logical, natural sequence to encourage children to learn step by step. Our curriculum departments use current research to create an exclusive, proven curriculum for our teachers-so you know that your child is getting the advantages of a large network of educational resources and the best care available.

Nepal Montessori Training Centre has created an even more comprehensive and up-to-date developmentally appropriate curriculum for pre-school children which is unique and specially designed to prepare Nepali children to be fit into the country’s primary curriculum. It is a comprehensive curricular based on age-appropriate learning activities. Together we provide high-quality early childhood education and development programs that focus on the health, safety and development of the whole child.

Our children not play but also develop many conceptual knowledge of the world with our carefully designed curriculum, which has a sound balance between content and learning process. Therefore children have lots of fun as well as learning with al necessary personal attention that few schools can match. Our guiding principle is to help your child master the skills needed to succeed in school and in life.