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Montessori Kinderworld is the brand name of a chain of model pre-schools run by the Nepal Montessori Training Centre (NMTC). The Montessori Kinderworld was founded in 2002 and currently operates five Branches. Montessori Kinderworld is Nepal’s first and largest Montessori Pre-school. At present there are more than 700 children ages beginning from 2 years until they are ready for primary school. After the establishment of the NMTC it was strongly felt that its trainees as well as the people interested to work in the early childhood education needed a place where they could practically observe the theories of child center education in reality.  Therefore the NMTC started a chain of model pre-schools with a brand name of Montessori Kinderworld in 2002 with the following goals:

  1. To provide and introduce the culture of early childhood education based on Montessori principles and philosophy.
  2. To respect and integrate Nepali culture and value while still being very much Montessorian in its core approach.
  3. To provide education to the children of early childhood years and to help them grow into a fine human being having a good  balance in physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.
  4. To help the children develop independence and deep self esteem by providing safe and stimulating child friendly environment.
  5. To give a strong all rounded pre-school foundation to its students so that they will have smooth and successful transition into  primary education.
  6. To educate and help its school parents about Montessori principle of parenting.
  7. To establish and develop Montessori Kinderworld as a model early childhood education centre in different communities.